You are unique, we are waiting for you in Yonique.

Yonique is an international fashion retailer that is dedicated to providing women with stylish and charming swimwear, with a particular focus on tankinis. Our professional production lines and designers naturally combine elements such as prints, geometric patterns, stripes, and lace to create a wide range of styles, including tribal, ethnic, tropical, and sporty designs. Whether you are a sophisticated office lady or a stay-at-home mom, we are confident that you will find your preferred swimsuits here at Yonique.


Yonique is committed to developing fashionable, professional, and comfortable products for every beautiful lady. Our swimwear is made from soft, stretchy, quick-drying, high-quality fabric that is pro-skin, elastic, and durable, making it easy to put on and very comfortable to wear. When you choose Yonique, you can feel confident that you will look your best both in and out of the water.

Women's Tankini Separates